Mar 162012

Step by Step Installation Guide of an eCommerce PackageIn modern countries E-commerce is one of the major business trends, even in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan many people now prefer to buy online from thousands of online shops using their computer. Simply speaking E-commerce is convenient, it has global marketplace and most of all its futuristic business.

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Dec 262011

There are many useful Content Management Systems for individuals, businesses and non profit organizations.

Actually most designers and developers don’t like to learn different CMSs. They often learn one, or maybe two, and use those selected CMSs for all of their websites. It means they want something which is flexible and powerful to meet their requirements.

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16 Gorgeous Free E-Commerce Templates

 Posted by on September 17, 2011
Sep 172011

E-commerce websites provides a platform for common man to sell their works online. Normally setting up an e-commerce website cost you some dollars, but initially to get start with your e-commerce site, free templates are the best option. Since there are many web platforms that provide high quality e-commerce template, here is my collection of pretty nice templates that looks like a premium template.

The templates listed here are designed for WordPress, Magneto and osCommerce.

WordPress Themes

App Cloud Free – Demo | Download

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Aug 282011

OsCommerce is a very good e-commerce script and has a support network / user base that is extremely helpful. But when you download and install it you won’t take long before thinking “Surely there’s more?”. And there is – loads and loads of OSCommerce contributions that are (generally) free. Trouble with open source software is that any Tom, Dick and Harry can throw together some code and release it; there’s nothing worse than spending time with a fiddly contribution just to find it doesn’t work or is just plain bad!

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Aug 282011

If you’re interested in setting up an online store, the very first things you’ll need to do are:

  1. Register a domain name (
  2. Sign up for a hosting account that meets the minimum requirements of osCommerce (as of osCommerce version 3 the requirements are PHP v5.2.0+ (with MySQLi extension) and MySQL v4.1.13+ or v5.0.7+)
  3. Get an FTP program (FileZilla is a good free one)

10 of the Best Free OpenCart Extensions

 Posted by on August 17, 2011
Aug 172011

OpenCart is an awesome ecommerce application with tons of amazing free and premium extensions to choose from.  I’ve chosen 10 of my favourite OpenCart extensions, and every one of them is completely free!

These extensions will enable you to optimise your site for search engines, integrate Google Checkout with your store, add testimonials and your Twitter feed to your site, create and manage your product images, and much more!

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