May 102012

Send & Receive Fax from your Computer using Google Drive

In today’s modern world of business people frequently use internet & email to send / receive their important documents and messages. Still, fax has its own importance and many people prefer the use of fax to send / receive their documents and messages.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the businesses which don’t have a fax machine and there is no other choice to send or receive an important document. Don’t worry now you can send / receive fax from your computer using Free Google Drive and any mail-to-fax service e.g. HelloFax etc.

In this way you can start paperless fax system and all of your incoming & outgoing faxes can be digitally stored in your Google Drive space.

Google Drive is a great service by Google, it provides 5GB Free online storage to every Google user. If you want to learn more about Google Drive checkout this article.

Don’t worry setup of online free mail-to-fax system is very easy, follow this step by step tutorial.

Step 1

To start Google Drive type “” in address bar of your browser and press enter:

How to Login Google Drive

Now, login Google Drive using your Gmail ID and password. If you don’t have a Gmail ID get one here first

How to Send / Receive Fax Online using Google Drive

Step 2

Install Mail-to-Fax Service in Google Drive

As shown in above image click on Create>>More>>Get more apps and you will see following page of available apps:

How to Install Mail-to-Fax Application in Google Drive

Just move your cursor over the desired mail-to-fax application (don’t click) like we have selected hello fax in our example, after moving your cursor on the desired application you will see an install button,, simply click it as shown below:

Install Mail-to-Fax Application in Google Drive

 Step 3

Go through the installation; after installation click on Create>>More>>Hello Fax application to run it as shown below:

How to Run Mail to Fax Application in Google Drive

From next option screen, click on Fax Document as shown below:


Step 4

Now click on Send a fax tab from left side >> upload files of any kind (e.g. doc, xls, image etc) >> enter Enter fax number or email address  (destination) and click Send it now as shown below:

Send Fax using mail-to-fax Application

That’s it, your will get a successful delivery of fax message, something like this:


You can also get a fax number to receive faxes online. From left side of hello fax application page click on Get a fax number today button to get your free or paid fax number as shown below:

Get your Free Fax Number

Note: You can use any Mail-to-Fax application as we have selected hello fax in our tutorial.

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