Jun 082012

Top 10 Best Websites to Send Free SMS from Website - Web2SMS

Every body loves to send SMS to their friends and relatives within Pakistan and SMS from other countries to Pakistan using their mobile phones. Sometimes you want to send SMS but don’t have your mobile for some reason or you don’t have sufficient balance in your mobile phone, so what to do?

Don’t worry, many websites are offering free web to sms services and in Pakistan sending a free web to sms is routine process for many people.

We have prepared this list of top 10 best websites to send free sms on all the major mobile networks in Pakistan such as free web to sms on Ufone numbers, free web to sms on Telenor numbers, free web to sms on Mobilink numbers, free web to sms on Warid numbers, free web to sms on Zong numbers etc.

01. Fun92.com


02. Web2sms.pk


03. Muskurahat.us


04. Smspunch.com


05. Sms4smile.pk


06. Degesms.com


07. Smspk.Kalpoint.com


08. Sms4smile.com


09. Muftsms.pk


10. Mixsms.com


  9 Responses to “Top 10 Best & Tested Websites to Send Free SMS in Pakistan”

  1. fun92.com is very nice sms website thnks for admin

  2. I L U

  3. ilu

  4. sex y

  5. Please also add http://ismslove.com/ to send free sms in Pakistan.

  6. Totally agree with your suggestion.. Very nice post and good information here..Thanks for posting that.. http://smsill.com/

  7. very good

  8. web2sms.pk is so far the best and fastest… thx for sharing

  9. yar muftsms.pk sb se achi he, fast and simple.


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