Jun 192012

Top 10 Most Popular Generator Brands in Pakistan

Currently, the load shedding of electricity is #1 problem in Pakistan, and people need some solid options as an alternate to fulfill their electricity needs of their homes and offices. Choices are different; like some people want to use UPS while other prefer Petrol + Gas Generators. In my opinion Generators can serve the purpose in better way, especially in Pakistan because of long load shedding sessions of electricity.

Many low cost and best performing generator brands are available in Pakistan including low cost China generators. I have prepared this list of most popular & best selling petrol + gasoline generator brands according to my personal experience and market survey in Pakistan.

01. Honda Generators

Honda Generators

02. Yamaha Generators

Yamaha Generators

03. Jasco Generators

Jasco Generators

04. Rato Generators

Rato Generators

05. Lifan Generators

Lifan Generators

06. Loncin Generators

Loncin Generators

07. Lutian Generators

Lutian Generators

08. Suzuki Generators

Suzuki Generators

09. Astra Korea Generators

Astra Korea Generators

10. Elemax Generators

Honda Elemax Generators

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  1. Jasco Generators is best


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